Common Mistakes – ‘Dusche’

Today I’d like to share another common but humorous faux pas that native German speakers make in English. In German, the verb ‘duschen‘ means ‘to shower‘, and I’ve had students who have made the seemingly harmless mistake of using the German verb, anglicising it to ‘dusch’, and using it in a sentence. In fact, the first time I heard it was when my mother in law innocently asked me if I ‘need to dusch’ when I was at their place.

A former student of mine said that the first time he went to New York, he asked a confused and shocked airline worker if there was anywhere he could ‘dusch’ at JFK.

Now, the issue is that the word sounds exactly like the English word ‘douche’, which I’m not going to explain the meaning of in this blog. If you’re curious, please use Google! For this lesson, I would simply like you to learn the verb (and noun) ‘shower‘; a very important word to know in English.

I hope this has been helpful, have a great week, guys!


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